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We have established our office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2001 and now a leading company in the marketing of the Adam solutions, Adam machines, Star radiators, automotive batteries and other specialty auto car care products.

We mainly supply our products through Emarat, ENOC/EPPCO and Auto-pro stations.

We are the dynamic and the progressive company which aims to offer our clients with the best products and have earned a solid reputation for offering high quality products within this short span of time.

We provide our products all over in UAE, Muscat, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The Adam products are manufactured by ACHIM ENERGY UG, Hamburg, Germany. We are the sole dealers of the Adam products.

Adam Solutions

Adam Solutions

Adams Solutions, manufactured in Germany, are car care chemicals providing a new, complete and well balanced program. Thanks to the innovative research and development of Adams Solutions. It is the key to affordable yet extremely dependable quality products.

By taking a proactive approach towards your engine maintenance, you can help inhibit its aging process and extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle. Adam Solutions products are designed to meet your engine life enhancing needs. Whether it’s to improve engine power, increase fuel economy or maximize protection, you will find this product serving your purpose. A product which will help you get the best out of your car’s fuel, cooling and oil systems. Before you consider any expensive and possibly unnecessary repairs, consider that the solution may be as simple as using the correct car care chemicals and additives. At all times and in all conditions, we go one step ahead beyond your expectations.

Adam Solutions

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